Forum rules / 论坛规则


  1. Disruptive behavior is not tolerated! Examples of disruptive behavior include insulting other users and using inappropriate language.
  2. Respect for free speech and viewpoint diversity is paramount to discussions in this forum. Calmly and logically arguing against opinions one disagrees with is good. Insulting other users for their opinions is not. Attacks against free speech are thoroughly condemned.
  3. Pornography and related subjects are forbidden.
  4. Spamming stickers and advertisements is strictly forbidden.
  5. Don't copy-and-paste articles that you didn't write. Link to the article instead, and if possible write a bit about what you think of it. If the article isn't available online, find an archive on the Wayback Machine or use a pastebin like

Rule enforcement

When a user violates a rule, they will receive a warning and be muted for 1 hour. If the user receives three warnings, they will be permanently banned.

Insulting forum administrators is utterly unacceptable. Administrators have the rightful power to enforce order in the forum with a given amount of discretion. Complaints against admins should be taken to @nullchinchilla. Users who disrespect admins will be warned and muted for a day. Three repeated offenses leads to permanent banning.

Don't feed trolls. Responding to disruptive behavior with more disruption only amplifies the problem.


  • 严禁任何破坏性行为! 破坏性行为包括侮辱其他用户、污言秽语。
  • 言论自由是论坛内讨论的最重要原则。我们鼓励理智、平静地与持不同观点的群友讨论。绝对严禁侮辱、人身攻击观点不同的用户,尤其是「围攻」与主流观点不符的群友。
  • 禁止讨论色情及有关话题,特别是严禁发黄图。
  • 严禁滥发表情包,广告等破坏行为。
  • 严禁低清恶俗表情包,如熊猫头、蘑菇头等。
  • 不要直接复制粘贴别人写的文章。 请发链接,并且尽量说一说自己对这个文章的感想。如果这个文章在网上不好找到(比如被删了,或者是墙内链接),请在Wayback Machine上找到一个存档,或者将其粘贴到telegra.ph之类的匿名博客上。



严禁侮辱群组管理员 。管理员在维持群内秩序中有一定的自主力,有权力独自决定处理灰色事件。对管理员的任何投诉请带到@nullchinchilla。侮辱管理员的群友将被禁言24小时。三次警告后将永久封禁。



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