Running Geph on macOS problem!

I'm using macOS version 10.15, but the Geph can't be run properly on it!!!
Any solution???

Why tech support of Geph doesn't answer??????

Maybe the Geph Official technique support is too busy.
You can try a previous version of Geph if possible. Generally, previous versions of Geph can be downloaded on GitHub.
I ran a previous version of Geph when I was using macOS Catalina, but I don't know if the previous version can work on it or not as I update my system to Monterey. You could try it as it worked before.

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Could you please give me the download link of previous version of Geph?

Oops, the author archived the previous versions of Geph on GitHub. I'm trying to find the package on my mac, and publish it via a cloud link, however, I don't know if it's legitimate to do so...