Issues with self-hosting Geph - Poor premium servers performance

Hello everybody,
As a Geph subscriber or paid user I do have a lot of performance issues with all the paid/free Geph servers.

Almost all of the geph servers are either overloaded or their Upload+Download speeds are a way less than a minimum standard.

I as a paid premium user expect that the servers bandwidth be unlimited for me but I mainly encounter speeds less than 3Mbps for the majority of the time (My ISP bandwidth is about 25Mbps Up+Down) , even worse the servers speeds swings a lot which impacts the quality of the voice or video calls dramatically and causes a lot of interruptions.

Needless to say regular disconnection is observed quite often during a normal internet usage too, all these mentioned issues have convinced me to look for self-hosting geph soultion.

My intention is to implement a Geph exit server on a dedicated private Ubuntu 22.04 VPS server and therefore as a first step I have to read a guide or tutorial on how to implement such server.

After a lot of googling and searches I figured out that no one in this community or on the internet has implemented his/her dedicated Geph server on a VPS in order to share his/her experience with others.

Having that said I found a Geph4 self-hosting tutorial outdated, incomplete and abondened.
Furthermore there is no explanitory help for the geph4-client or geph4-exit commands available for the users to study.

Therefore the burden of the implementing the geph4-exit and geph4-client commands remains as a code study task for those whom can understand Rust language fairly well.

Since Rust is not very known language so I persume a few could contribute to describe and document the implemeted Rust code.

As a result I would like the main contributors of the Geph to be kind enough and spend a little of their precious time for documenting the code or preparing/revising the Geph configurations tutorial including a complete self hosting implementation for both geph-client and geph-exit sides.

In addition since Geph4 has a simple GUI which is portble among many of the platforms such as Windows/iOS/Linux,... why the GUI code contributors do not add a simple option for
the users to implement and add their own private geph4-exit servers to the GUI.

I can understand that you would like to keep your subscribers paying to your service but please keep in mind that the users need for performance and having private servers outside the countries that you offer is a crucial requirement for them.

Therefore I am asking kindly the main geph4 GUI contribuators for a favor, why do not you facilitate your premium users with an option to easily add their own private servers to the geph-gui application which is fairly easy for you to implement?

I am wondering if there is anyone in this community who is kind enough to update or write a new tutorial or full walkthorough for the Self-hosting geph implementation or add a possibility for adding a self-hosting private server to the Geph-gui application.

I am looking forward from the authors of the geph to make their opinions on my remakrs.
Thanks for your time