On poor performance in Turkmenistan

Despite the seeming lack of Turkmen users in the Telegram channel and the forum, Geph has a surprisingly large userbase in Turkmenistan, at least on Android. Out of Geph's 16,000 active Google Play installations, almost 6,000 are from Turkmenistan.

Unfortunately, from our observations it seems like users in Turkmenistan can only connect to one bridge in Japan. That causes extremely poor performance, both for them and for Chinese users who are unlucky enough to be assigned to that bridge.

Previously, this was the case for Iranian users too, but we found out that the reason was that TIC, a major Iranian ISP, blocked UDP traffic to most European hosting providers, forcing traffic to route to Japan. Adding a bridge from a minor European hosting provider let Iranians access Geph's European servers along a more direct route.

Are there Turkmen users on this forum that can provide Geph logs? I am also considering adding a Russian bridge, considering that Russia/Turkmenistan traffic might be subject to less controls.

In the slightly longer term, sosistab will come with a TCP transport that will be able to circumvent these blanket UDP bans.