Can't log in on Linux

same account, no problem when logging in on android, while logging in on linux it says Incorrect username or password. Please try again.

i double/triple checked several times. they are correct

however, the password contains complicated symbols. is that the reason it failed to login on linux?

What characters does your password contain?

idk, like these?

why is it an issue for Geph? i mean isn't this an industry standard now for platforms to support symbols in password? duh!

Maybe when you input your password in Android, you are using Chinese IME, and when you type in linux, you are using English symbols. Chinese symbols are sometimes different with English ones, like () and ()

I also use some of these symbols in my password, and I can log into linux and Android version without errors. So it might not be a common bug in Linux version of geph.

i don't know chinese so we can rule that one out