Explanation of settings options?

I couldn't find the docs explaining what each option does.
Are these correct?

Use global VPN: re-routes all system traffic (not just browser's)
Exclude Chinese traffic: ???
Auto-configure proxy: automatically setup browser to re-route traffic
Always use bridges: ???
Listen on all interfaces: How does this even work? Please provide an example.

1 and 3 you mentioned are right.
"Exclude Chinese traffic": many users of Geph are Chinese.You can think it as a special edition Split Tunnel only for China.
"Always use bridges":Turn it on to prevent Internet censorship.If you live in a country without it,then there is no need for you to turn on it.
"Listen on all interfaces":[求助]可以让ns,ps4也连上吗?怎么操作阿

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About "Always use bridges", even without turning it on, I can circumvent censorship already. What does it exactly do? Does turning it on decrease the connection speed/increase latency?

If you disable that, it depends on the network environment to decide whether or not to use bridge servers.