[2021-04-02] Censorship and Wiretapping in Iran

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我在 telegram 中与一个伊朗人交流的时候,询问了他一些问题。


后来,他说 telegram 原版比伊朗版更安全,我心中的疑问是「telegram 有伊朗版本吗?」

后来,我在与他的交流中得知,telegram 伊朗版并不是官方发布的,是伊朗政府开发的间谍软件。

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I was talking to an Iranian in telegram and asked him some questions.

The first question was whether there is censorship of communication software and forums in Iran, to which he replied, "I have seen accounts banned and group chats closed."

Later, he said that the original version of telegram is more secure than the Iran version, and the question in my mind was "Is there an Iran version of telegram?"

Later, I learned in my communication with him that the Iran version of telegram is not officially released, but is a spyware developed by the Iran government.

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