Hide Public IP Address on linux ubuntu

The current version of of Geph 4.4.4 leaks the public IP address of the device which defeats the need to use Geph altogether. It leaks the ISP provider, Country and exact GPS co-ordinates. How can you prevent this from happening since on Android, everything works perfectly, no public IP address leaks. Is there a way to prevent leaks on ubuntu? Other VPN providers do not leak

Checking Geph 4.4.1 shows that there are no leaks. What could have happened in the new update?

But DNS still leaks the public IP location.

I have used the following sites to check


Temp workaround: use DNSCrypt with Geph or turn on DoH for Firefox

Okay! I will do that

Also, is there any documentation for the Linux client that is clear on how to connect to a geph server from the commandline since closing the geph gui after connecting to a server results in the termination of the connection which also results in leaking the ISP, public IP and GPS coordinates?

This would help one to write simple systemd script to autoconnect, even on system boot and resuming from system suspend.

Both user and developer docs are missing AFAIK

This is almost always a configuration issue. Are you using proxy mode or VPN mode? VPN mode should never leak anything.

With SOCKS5 proxy mode, you must make sure DNS requests are sent through the SOCKS5 proxy. Firefox has a setting for this in the network configuration.

Manually editing the proxy settings is also the easiest way to prevent accidental leaks from turning off Geph. Do note, however, that abnormally closing Geph will NOT reset proxy settings, so you don't need to worry about leaks coming from e.g. Geph crashing. The only time when proxy settings are reset is when you literally click the disconnect button.

I don't think this is Geph's problem, and nothing changed since 4.4.1 that could possibly cause DNS leaks. DNS leaks can only happens if your browser is misconfigured and not sending DNS requests through Geph; there's nothing Geph can do about that.

Thanks for the info. I have enabled Geph to listen to all connections and it works.
This information would be nice to have on the main website, the Github page or some technical documentation. Assuming all users are know this is not a good idea. Especially when they are coming from a VPN that does all the configuration for them in the click/tap of one button. Like protonvpn manages even DNS records just by tapping one "Connect VPN" button. Please consider some documentation

@nullchinchilla what about instructions for connecting the geph client. That would be useful to create a systemd script that autoconnects to the VPN after boot/resume?

Right now indeed there isn't good documentation for Geph's command-line usage. But such a command will work:

geph4-client connect --username xxx --password xxx --exit-server ca-mtl-02.exits.geph.io

After enabling VPN mode, when connecting to Google.com why do I get

Secure Connection Failed

An error occurred during a connection to www.google.com. Cannot communicate securely with peer: no common encryption algorithm(s).


    The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.
    Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.

However, connecting to any other website works fine? What could be the problem with google

Where does geph store proxy settings on Linux Ubuntu. Or dns settings

Once the connection to my laptop is out of range for a few minutes, geph client somehow loses the connection in a way that is buggy and when I reconnect to my router the geph client can not longer connect to any server. When I restart the geph client, it can no longer even lookup the dns of the exit server or connect to a new one.

I have tried to manually even set dns but nothing happens. Even doing a simple ping results in temporary failure in name resolution.
How do I solve this

I have managed to solve this manually by editing /etc/resolve.conf file and editing the dns servers entry. Will keep looking into the issue and report more problems

After a few days of trial and error, the issue is persistent. Deactivating my Geph connection while it was connected in VPN mode leaves my Internet connection unusable. The dns servers are not able to resolve any domain. It's like it doesn't reconfigure the dns servers back to the default settings.

This is irritating since I have to reboot my Ubuntu os everytime I disconnect from geph vpn. Is this a bug in Geph?

Using the Solo VPN app, I can easily hide my IP address...

Are you asking me to switch to Solo vpn? Even if Geph has a lot of work to be done especially on the UI,Geph is still superior under the hood.