International Politics (English Language)

Since there’re no discussion thread in this subforum in English language. Here I start a thread about International Politics.

My first question: how are you doing locally? Please do not disclose self-identifying information, like cities, streets, etc.


I live in Hong Kong and consider myself a nationalist and patriot. I will be father of the rising Hong Kong Nation and expand our realm to Canton province. May glory to Hong Kong!

Good, but a Cantonia nation would most likely end up with capital in Guangzhou, are you willing to join the Cantonia nation or remain in loose confederation as a free city (similar to Hamburg and Bremen in Holy Roman Empire)?

No, the Cantonia territory will be reigned under HKers’ grace.

I don’t think that question has anything to do with politics so I would rather talk about… what is politics? Why should we care about it? and what are the types of government we have throughout history?

I think English form would be a good idea. While some people might feel it weird, but people of India, Hong Kong all, at some situation, chat with each other in English. Hence it would be reasonable to establish an English community among Chinese-speaking people. Anyway, it would still be a good idea to absorb some native speakers here. It would be very important to build an English category here, which in return will attract more native speakers.

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It is good to have an English corner so other non-Chinese speaking people know what you are talking about.

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